Chipping Norton

Water softeners in Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton is a popular leisure centre and retail hub in the Cotswold Hills in Oxfordshire. It has many shops and supermarkets, including chain stores, and is home to several public houses and a theatre. It also houses the oldest golf course in Oxfordshire, which was started in 1890. In short, living and working in Chipping Norton can be fun, exciting and enjoyable.

Many residents and offices in Chipping Norton often complain about the quality of water in this delightful town. In areas, the water can be hard. Though not a health hazard, hard water can be a real nuisance. It causes buildup of minerals in plumbing fixtures and in the long run, this tends to lead to blockage. Also, it undermines the performance of soaps and detergents. Hard water can make it difficult to maintain a tight household budget, as you will end up spending money on clearing blockages and buying more soaps and detergents each month.

Do not let hard water be a bottleneck in your life. Instead, install water softeners in Chipping Norton, and marvel at the way these softeners turn hard water to soft water. It does not have to be expensive to install water softeners, as you can rely on one of the best water softener installers Chipping Norton. We, at Banbury Water Softeners, believe in offering outstanding sales and customer services to our customers, and that is why many of our customers have no qualms in recommending our products and services to their friends and family.

Our water softeners in Chipping Norton are the renowned TwinTec S3, which has been designed and made in England. Hence, they are ideally suited for an English plumbing system. The S3 is a non-electric block salt water softener that comes with twin tanks, so you will never run out of water. Thanks to the low usage of salt, operating costs are minimal without compromising on the effectiveness of the softener.

If you live in Chipping Norton, Banbury, Oxford and the nearby areas, do contact us. We will be happy to answer your queries relating to our water softeners.

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