Water softeners in Brackley

The picturesque market town of Brackley is situated just a little south of the capital of the county, Northampton. Historically, it is a market town that has its roots in the wool and lace trade. There is currently little industry there, although Mercedes Grand Prix are based there, conveniently situated due to the close proximity of the Silverstone race course.

Being so close to Northampton though, this pleasant looking town is very popular as the commute between the two is relatively easy with good transport links to not only Northampton, but to Banbury and Oxford too.

Despite the attractiveness of this market town though, not everything is picture postcard perfect, one problem for residents living there is that the local water supply is defined as ‘hard’. This causes a few problems for those living in the area, especially when it comes to the washing of their clothes as hard water does not lather well at all. It also has a nasty habit of causing damage to washing machines if they are not maintained properly.

There is good news though and Banbury Water Softeners are close by and on hand to help with this problem and have a number of water softener installers in Brackley ready to fit water softeners to eradicate this problem for any household that requests it. To date, they have fitted somewhere in the region of ___ water softeners for the residents of Brackley to ensure that they finally have soft water in which to do their washing.

By fitting water softeners in Brackley homes too, our installers in the area appreciate the cups of tea that are sometimes given to them whilst working in homes or businesses in the area that no longer have the unpleasant scum that floats on the surface which happens when hard water is used.

At the end of the day, the last thing that any of us want to come home to is a far from perfect cup of tea and difficulty with our washing machines. Thankfully, with Banbury Water Softeners close by, these problems can now be a thing of the past.

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