Water softeners in Banbury

The market town of Banbury is located along River Cherwell in Oxfordshire. It is a great place to live in, with its exceptional public transportation infrastructure and many opportunities of employment. It is home to Kraft Foods’ manufacturing unit, and is also an important industrial hub.

When you live or work in Banbury, one of the things that may be of concern is the quality of water. The water coming out of taps tends to be hard water. This means the water contains high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium. While hard water is not harmful to health, it can certainly be a nuisance. It can cause buildup of minerals in the plumbing fixtures, causing blockage or reduce outflows, and also result in poor detergent and soap performance. The good news is that you do not have to live or tolerate hard water, as you can make use of water softeners in Banbury.

While there are many water softener installers Banbury, the key is finding an installer that can provide you a quality product at an affordable price. Banbury Water Softeners has the experience of installing many water softeners in Banbury and the surrounding areas, such as Bicester and Kidlington, where limescale can be an issue.

We are the official suppliers of the TwinTec S3, which is the most advanced non-electric block salt water softener in England. Each unit is manufactured in England and undergoes rigourous testing before being made available for consumers. With twin tanks and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, the TwinTec S3 is the most sought after water softener. We are renowned for offering exceptional sales and aftercare service, with regard to water softeners in Banbury and drinking water products.

If you are searching for high-quality and affordable water softeners in Banbury, and some outstanding water softener installers Banbury, contact us today, or request a quote. Try our products to see a difference in the quality of your water – be it home, hotel or office. You will be glad you contacted Banbury Water Softeners.

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